Bike repair service starting at $20 (includes small parts when applicable)


$20 Flat fix:  (including: tube, labor and tax.)  Both tires inspected/inflated.  Chain and brakes checked for excessive wear.  Lubricate chain.  Add second tube/install for only: $6

FREE Tubeless Setup:  with purchase of tire(s), rim-tape, & sealant.(requires tubeless rim)

$80 Rubber program:  2 standard tires, 2 tubes with sealant, installation and 60 day in-house no-flat guarantee.

$20 new wheel installation labor: All new repair wheels installations include tire mounting, installation and adjustment of related systems.  Wheels are your bicycle’s most important component and should be treated as such.  Proper wheel fitment is crucial for maximum enjoyment, safety and service-life.

Full service menu below…

We strive to keep good bicycles in operation and out of our landfills. All scrap metal from repairs is recycled and we have the knowledge to bring older bikes into the 21st century.

Many services are available same or next-day turnaround.

Service Menu

Level 1 Tune - $60.00

Perfect:  braking/shifting
Adjust:  bearings/spokes
Torque:  all fasteners
lubricate & lite cleaning
air & inspect tires
30 day checkup

Level Two Tune - $90.00

Level-1 + Parts Wash
Remove drive-train, wash and detail
Comprehensive Wheel/Hub service
Cable/hydraulic service/install
90 day checkup

Level Three - $140.00

Complete Tear-down/Rebuild
*+$50-parts estimate minimum*

Hydraulic Brake Service - $50

(Parts/supplies extra)
Hose/Piston Service**
Caliper Placement*
Rotor True*
(*incl. in Level 1/**incl. in Level 2)

Ala-Carte - $60/hr.

-One hour minimum
-Wheel Building
-Component overhauls
-Custom Installation etc.
-Installing components purchased elsewhere

Call if you don't see what you need!
This menu is a guide-FREE ESTIMATES IN-PERSON
Prices subject to change
No warranty on installation of
parts NOT purchased from Re-cycled.					

Kids Bike Tune-up - $40

Torque Fasteners
Inflate Tires
Adjustments to braking
Lube and adjustment chain
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